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Our History

The journey of Ambiance Furniture and Decoration began in Istanbul/Kuledibi three generations ago. Second generation pioneer of the company Turhan Yanikcioglu was born in 1937 and in his early ages he entered the furniture world as an apprentice by working with his uncle in 1949. After 10-year work experience as a carpenter with one of the best Greek craftsmen in Istanbul, in 1960, he took the business from his uncle and started his business life as a manufacturer. Lack of technology and many difficulties in that time period never stopped him from producing and he became one of the oldest manufacturers in Turkey. In his early manufacturer period, he started to produce furnitures to cover local area’s needs and wants. After Kuledibi experience, he moved to Tarlabasi and continued to manufacture furnitures. Experience with Greek craftsman Andrea and his uncle Mehmet Yanikcioglu carried him one step further and gave him the opportunity to launch his brand. In 1960’s being a craftsman and manufacturing unique, hand-made and elegant furniture’s were precious. Having this opportunity differentiate him from others and allowed him to become known in furniture world.

Turhan Yanikcioglu
Turhan Yanickcioglu


Third generation in Ambiance started in 1992 with Cuneyt Yanikcioglu taking the business from his father. After completing his domestic and international education, Cuneyt Yanikcioglu started to work with his father and beside manufacturing, in 1992, decoration and retailing added by his grandson Cuneyt Yanikcioglu and has continued to expand with a major success story. In Ambiance Furniture, second generation Turhan Yanikcioglu and third generation Cuneyt Yanikcioglu are still actively working together.

Now, Ambiance Furniture Company maintaining the business as a leading manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler in Turkey and the company also provides upholstery, interior design, contract and construction services.